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French Bulldogs

Bat-eared yet oddly beautiful; the French bulldogs have a unique appeal. Some other breeds are undeniably more showy and glamorous but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what many people behold in this breed are the attributes making them one of the best companion dogs in the world these days. This dog breed has a small substantially build with a powerful muscular body. They are sporting a short easy care coat to accompany their easygoing personality. These Frenchies love to play and they also enjoy spending their days relaxing in the sofa. The relaxed attitude and love of play carry over into their training sessions. These dogs are smart, and training them is relatively easy as long as you would make it seem like a game by keeping the fun.

They are free thinkers and they are not an ideal breed to compete in agility or obedience even though some have risen to the challenge. This freethinking approach may also lead into a stubborn nature, and if they decide on digging in their heels, there will be no budging them. Moreover, French bulldog puppies love companions thriving on human contact. If you want an outdoor dog whom you can leave alone for long period of time, this breed may not be the breed for you. This dog enjoys to lavish love on his human companions as much as they give the same treatment in return. They get along well with everyone, which include children. Nonetheless, they can be possessive and territorial of their people, especially when there are other dogs. Socialization is necessary for baby French bulldogs. However, with their easy companionship, this will be an enjoyable task.

Training this dog breed is very easy because they are very clever, loves playing games and running around. You will surely have a great time in training them. However, you need to know first some tips for training your French dog because this will help you have an idea about how you can start with the training.

1. During the first weeks of this dog breed such as the blue French bulldogs, you will have to teach him where his water and food is located. You need to set a place in your home in which you will feed him and ensure that it will be the only spot for his foods. Feed him 3 times a day. Together with this, you should also show the dog where his bed is, and be familiar with your dog’s up time and bed time.

2. Next, teach your dog where to do potty. It will depend on what time his meal times are. For instance, if you will only feed him his lunch, you have to take him outside the house after he has finished his meal. It is surely the time for his potty. Set a place in your yard from which he can litter and then bring him in there every potty time.

3. Another tip for training your French bulldog breed such as the brindle French bulldogs is using the correct words when you praise or correct them. If your dog does something bad, correct him immediately and ensure that you sound like a boss. If you want him to stop from what he is doing, you can say “stop”, “no”, or “don’t”. Use these words always so that he will be used to them.

4. If your French bulldogs are obeying you or did something great, praise them. Dogs love to be praised and when you do, they are going to behave well knowing that you like it. You can say “yay” or “good dog” when praising them. Ensure that you will sound grateful and gentle when you say those words, sounds like you are pleased with what he did.

5. If you have a crate for your baby French bulldogs, you have to train him on how stay in it. Put all the things that he need in the crate. Give him a comfortable blanket, some toys and ready some water to drink. It is up to you if you want to lock him inside the crate when you leave or leave it open. It depends if you would place a potty box, foods, and water inside before you leave.

6. You should always be gentle when you are training your dog. Keep in mind that you are like teaching a baby. If you command him or try stopping him from his bad behaviors, you need to try not to get mad. Be patient and stay calm with them. They are actually more sensitive than what we know.

7. When your dog reaches 3 months old, you can begin to teach him some skills. You should do it while playing with him. Train you dog how to lie down, sit, stand, and roll.

These are some helpful tips for your French bulldogs. You can now adopt your own and start training them.

25 Sep 2015

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